Alles Nur Geklaut?

“Alles Nur Geklaut?” (“Simply Theft?”) is a multimedia exhibition held by LWL-Industriemuseum, for which I produced the audiovisual and interactive installations. It was staged at the magnificent “Zeche Zollern” in Dortmund: a former industrial site where the Art Nouveau buildings and huge machine halls are converted to museum use.

The concept of the exhibition is an original perspective on knowledge transmission: how do we use previous knowledge to create new things? Being creative means “stealing” ideas? The exhibition collects exhibit and stories from different ages (from ancient secrets in pottery techniques to Edward Snowden’s revelations), where knowledge transmission had an interesting twist. And to connect all this there was a strong use of multimedia interactive exhibits, which I took care of.

The task spanned from looping projections on the Exhibition’s “hanging Clouds” to specially composed audio background for the thematic areas. A big part of the job consisted in interactive stations with touch control, that incited visitor’s participation. Those included different “selfie points” that allowed visitors to take selfies with custom filters (splitting one’s image in a mosaic of “theft” objects, “stealing” the face of another visitor or getting real-time spy camouflage), a quiz on brand-identities, a “Cover Song Karaoke”, and different navigation terminals on specific subjects.

Among more than twenty multimedia stations, all more or less conceived for visual output, I was happy to have room also for some proper multi-speaker sound design: a sound installation in the entrance hall provided for a “history of knowledge technologies”. Here an excerpt (rudely mixed down to stereo):

Curation: LWL-Industriemuseum Zeche Zollern
Exhibition design: beier+wellach
Exhibition production: id3d-berlin
Media: Michele Pedrazzi, with Jonathan Pirnay, Andreas Karaoulanis and Daniel Calvi