“Antinodal” is a music album from band Echo Chamber, in which I played the synthesizer, composed music and curated the recording and production process.

„Antinodal“ (out on Aut Records 2018) is Echo Chamber’s debut, an EP that reveals the group’s rich musical formula. Davide Lorenzon, Michele Pedrazzi and Chris Hill deliver a collection of songs that seems to sit comfortably among different colors: melodic invention, electroacoustic textures, fluent improvisation. But this smoothness actually stems from tension, a contrast that still emerges in the EP’s most hectic passages. And every time the band regains control of its own „chamber”, new special spots are found, new nodes and antinodes.

The „Antinodal“ EP, recorded in Berlin on 7th and 8th July 2018, features also the majestic artworks of Maciej Markowicz, „motiongrapher“ that takes pictures with his giant, boat-sized camera obscura: another chamber, where light waves are caught like a visual echoes.

As soon as a sound is produced in an echo chamber, it starts bouncing madly between every surface. Take an especially tight chamber and reflections will soon overflow the space. The original sound will appear to be everywhere.

But the chamber is also altering the sound itself. The room starts to resonate, superimposing frequencies to original sound. At the end, you may find a spot where what you hear is actually the chamber’s own singing: the antinodal point.

released November 30, 2018

Davide Lorenzon – tenor sax
Michele Pedrazzi – synth and electronics
Chris Hill – drums

Recorded at Umlaud Studio, Berlin, 7 and 8 July 2018
by Michele Pedrazzi and Daniel Calvi

Mastered by Chris Hill

Artwork by The Moving Camera Project

Layout by Magnus Faber

Produced by Echo Chamber and Aut Records

Special thanks to Maciej Markowicz, Dimitri Lauwers, Daniel Calvi, Gioele Serena and all the guests musicians that joined our shows.