Rilievo degli eventi

The “Rilievo degli eventi” (Relevance of Events, 2008) was one of the first interactive installations that I conceived and designed. It featured a 3D-milled relief model of Trentino-Alto Adige, an Italian region that was heavily touched by war events during the First World War.

A video projection mapped on the relief showed the evolution of military front, the battles, the places and the movements. The user could interact through a time-wheel, that could “tune” the relief to specific periods during the war. Each selected period triggered a multi-screen clip, played on four synchronized monitors, that brought context information and personal memories of the people, often taken from diaries and letters.

The setting was also peculiar: an abandoned highway tunnel under the “Doss Trento”, the hill that towers above Trento’s city center. The dark, underground environment was once another connections with those times of shelters, passages and trenches through the region.

Production: Asteria Multimedia
Concept and programming: Michele Pedrazzi
3D Relief: Franco Slomp
Synchronized Videos: Assia Franceschini, Filip Milenkovic, Luca Casanova